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Engineering Solutions

Product Design

SOLIDWORKS is a tool that allows engineers to design, manage and realize their products in the most accurate and efficient manner throughout the whole product design cycle. Learn More…

Product Life Cycle Management

Dassault Systemes offers industry-leading processes delivered on an integrated platform, which provides best user experience through all stages of a product’s life. Learn More…

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing provides high complexity and high value parts where traditional manufacturing is unable to cope with. Learn More…

CNC Machining (CAM)

Mastercam offers complete CNC programming to optimize milling routes without compensating on precision and performance. Learn More…

Reverse Engineering / 3D Scanning

Metronor is a wireless probing system offering highest flexibility and accuracy for large volume measurement, in particularly the jigs & fixtures for aerospace and automotive. Learn More…


Manufacturing Planning & Scheduling System (MAPS) is a dynamic production planning and scheduling system for capacity optimization, production efficiency and tracking. Learn More…

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