• 17 November 2015

    Key Takeaways for SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2016

    17 Nov 2015

    After almost a month trek across Malaysia, IME’s SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2016 has come to an end. The month-long event saw a total of some 1,200 participants from Penang, Selangor, Johor, Perak, Kuantan, Melaka and Sarawak.

    We would like to express our heartiest appreciation to our sponsors Dassault Systemes, SOLIDWORKS, HP, AMD, Dell, NVIDIA, and MSI, and not to forget, each and every one of our participants for the tremendous support we received.

    Due to overwhelming responses from the past years, the event has been expanded to four extra locations this year. The event had since been well received that it also garnered supports from assocations like Malacca Foundry & Engineering Industries Association (MFEIA), Fom Era Vocational Academy, Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara Kuantan (KKTM Kuantan) and International College of Advanced Technology Sarawak (i-CATS).

    For that, we would like to thank Mr. Tan Poh Seng, President of MFEIA, Mr. Pang Kong Woon, Chairman of Management Committee of Fom Era Vocational Academy, Dr. Mahazani Ali, Director of KKTM Kuantan, and Dr. Leo Sing Lim, Head of School of Engineering and Head of Program of Mechanical Engineering of i-CATS, for the support rendered and also for their valuable time to share a word or two with our participants.

    Distinguished speakers of diverse expertise such as En. Badrul Hisham Hilal from MATRADE, Dr Yeah Kim Leng from Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST), Professor Adrian David Cheok from Imagineering Institute, Iskandar, Professor Dato’ Dr. Chua Hock Hoo from Cheng and Co. and Mr. John Ow, a corporate trainer were also featured to share insights on business trends and their views on driving businesses and the society through innovative ideas and technology.

    Besides, we have initiated the first and largest SOLIDWORKS user community workshop in Malaysia this year. Aiming to improve Malaysian competitiveness in the ASEAN region, the session enabled local users to meet, to exchange knowledge and ideas, as well as to learn from the experts.

    We have gathered some key takeaways from the event if you missed it:

    #1: Innovation, a Lifelong Journey

    Mr Teoh (founder and chairman of IME Group of Companies) highlighted that innovation is all about learning and improving, that it is a lifelong journey which requires continuous commitment.

    He mentioned that in such dynamic market competition, the key to success and to grow the business are:
    – Innovation; and
    – Technology adoption.

    Innovation can be applied across all industries, touching on all functions and levels; hence, to start cultivating innovative culture among the young engineers is very important.

    #2: Getting Prepared for Engineering 4.0

    Mr Lau (Director, IME Technology Sdn. Bhd.) shared with us the change of design methodologies throughout the evolutions of Engineering.

    To get prepared for the Engineering 4.0 era, the following key areas are very important:
    1. Mobility – Ability to access information through multi devices anywhere.
    2. Social – Collaborative system that enables communication without boundaries.
    3. Cloud – Storage on the cloud.
    4. Big data – Data management that enables study of trends, pattern and behaviour.

    #3: Key Learning Points for SOLIDWORKS Users

    Throughout the event and the user community meet session, some key learning points for SOLIDWORKS users to take away are:

    Major Improvements in SW2016
    – Design
    – Validate
    – Collaborate
    – Build

    Modelling Tips and Tricks
    – Useful shortcut keys in SOLIDWORKS
    – How to conquer fillet error
    – Deleting “Face”
    – Zero thickness “Combine” error

    Industrial Best Practice
    The three engineers from IME Technology Sdn. Bhd. who are specialize in various industries shared with us respectively the challenges and solutions available in:
    – Industrial Equipment;
    – High Technology Products; and
    – Plant design

    #4: Product Data Management Project Success Story

    Ken (Senior Data Management Engineer, IME Technology Sdn Bhd) shared with us the requirement for moving towards digital transformation and his past experience in implementing data management system.

    The following 5 components are crucial in the implementation process that made the transformation successful:
    – Tool
    – Work flow / Processes
    – People
    – System
    – Infrastructure

    #5: The New Shape of Manufacturing

    Edward (Sales Engineer, IME Group of Companies) opened our eyes into the new shape of manufacturing – a 3D world.

    He shared on different technologies being used in Additive Manufacturing and how it can help in optimizing manufacturing process. The following direct benefits were also highlighted:
    – Lower cost
    – Shorter lead time
    – Speed to market
    – Parts consolidation

    #6: Smart Manufacturing in the Digital Age (Manager Track)

    Mr Kajin Teoh (Technical Business Consultant, MAWEA Industries Sdn. Bhd.) shared with us on the following:
    – Components of smart manufacturing;
    – Current manufacturing trend; and
    – Moving towards smart manufacturing

    Besides, he also urged our local industries to:
    – Invest in smart manufacturing to spur innovation and keep Malaysia competitive.
    – Invest in public-private partnerships to establish smart manufacturing innovation centres.
    – Support programs to promote efficient energy use and improve the environment using Smart Manufacturing.

    #7: Revolutionize your senses communication

    Professor Adrian David Cheok (inventor & professor of Pervasive Computing) shared about his researches and works done on mixed reality – a mix of reality and virtual reality, encompassing both augmented reality and augment virtuality.

    He inspired us by demonstrating an innovative application of technology. It opened our eyes that augmented reality and augmented virtuality can not only be applied to industrial usage, but also in making the communication of senses possible through the internet.

    Throughout his sharing, he showed us how senses like sight, sound, smell, taste and touch can be digitized and be communicated to others online.

    #8: Manage challenges under the current economic and business trends (CXO Track)

    Dr. Yeah (Dean of School of Business, Malaysia University of Science and Technology) analysed the economic trends and business trends from both the local and regional perspective.

    He also discussed on the key business drivers and paradigm shift in economic policies. He then further touched on key risks and challenges in the business environment. In view of the post global crisis fragilities, Dr. Yeah concluded that businesses can however better manage their risk through:
    – Risk surveillance and business prospecting;
    – Strengthening resilience to shocks; and
    – Strategic investments.
    Click here to download slides

    #9: The Innovation of Performance Management System through Balanced Scorecard (CXO Track)

    Professor Dato’ Dr. Chua shared with us on the Balanced Scorecard, a performance management system that enables companies to translate their vision, missions and strategies into a tangible set of performance measures.

    The scorecard can drive companies’ strategy into actions plan through four perspectives:
    – Financial
    – Customer
    – Internal Process
    – Learning and Growth

    Not only can the Balanced Scorecard drive performance, but also create a corporate synergies and strategy alignment.

    If you need more information on any of the above topics, we can be reached here.

    Meanwhile, we have also captured some memorable moments and highlights of the event. Enjoy the video and see you again next year.

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