As Malaysia serves as a manufacturing hub in South Asia region, there is a vast amount of CNC machines around and more importantly, a growing need for CAM software. With product designs getting inherently complicated, CAM software is there to improve efficiency machining process by optimizing the route.


From 2-axis to 5-axis machines, Mastercam offers complete CNC programming needs whether it is milling, turning milling, turning with C axis, 4 axis wire EDM or CNC routers Mastercam provides many data translators in tool shop to facilitate data exchange, handle data input from other CADs.
Mastercam expands the world’s most widely-used CAD/CAM software to ensure user have the needed precise tool.


A remarkably easy interface has user cutting parts quickly.


Get the most robust 2-through 5-axis toolpath generation available.


Mastercam’s Dynamic Milling technology cuts machining time and tool wear.


Intelligent toolpaths and design Change Recognition know when user’s part has been edited.


Feature-Based Machining delivers push-button 2D programming.

Find out the Mastercam Solutions below:

Mastercam Specialized Add-ons

Port Expert

Mastercam Port Expert creates accurate porting toolpaths on surface or solid data. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, resulting in a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality. It can also be used for any tube-type work that is similar in design to a port.


Mastercam brings its power and experience to artistic relief design and cutting with Mastercam Art. Quickly bring 2D sketches, clip art, photos, and CAD files to life by crafting them on screen and cutting them with easy, specialized toolpaths.


Blade Expert

Blade Expert is a powerful, easy-to-use, custom application designed to generate efficient, smooth, and gouge-free toolpaths for these complex parts. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, delivering a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality.


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Mastercam ProDrill is a highly customizable, feature-based drilling Add-On for Mastercam. From automatic tofully customizable drilling routines, on surface or solid models, from virtually any CAD source, users can improvetime-consuming, repetitive drilling tasks and adapt them to their style of machining.


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Productivity+ is an Add-On to Mastercam that allows users to program and simulate a Renishaw® probe for machine tools, tointegrate process control within CNC programs. Productivity+ performs measurements and alignments, allowing set up and validation of parts at the machine tool.


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