CNC Manufacturing (CAM)

As Malaysia serves as a manufacturing hub in South Asia region, there is a vast amount of CNC machines around and more importantly, a growing need for CAM software. With product designs getting inherently complicated, CAM software is there to improve efficiency machining process by optimizing the route.

From 2-axis to 5-axis machines, Mastercam offers complete CNC programming needs whether is milling, turning milling, turning with C axis, 4 axis wire EDM and CNC routers. Mastercam provides many data translators in tool shop to facilitate data exchange, handle data input from other CADs.

Mastercam expands the world’s most widely-used CAD/CAM software to ensure user have the needed precise tool.

  • Streamlined. A remarkably easy interface has user cutting parts quickly.
  • Comprehensive. Get the most robust 2-through 5-axis toolpath generation available.
  • Time-saving. Mastercam’s Dynamic Milling technology cuts machining time and tool wear.
  • Smart. Intelligent toolpaths and design Change Recognition know when user’s part has been edited.
  • Automated. Feature-Based Machining delivers push-button 2D programming.

Find out the Mastercam Modules below:

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS combines the world’s leading modeling software with the world’s most widely-used CAM software so you can program parts directly in SOLIDWORKS, using tool paths and machining strategies preferred the most by shops around the world. SOLIDWORKS users will feel at ease with the Mastercam machining tree, which delivers quick access to any point in the machining process. Mastercam users will recognize the shop-tested parameter screens and options which they are already familiar with.

With Mastercam tool paths integrated directly within the SOLIDWORKS environment, the tool paths are applied directly to the part or assembly. Any design change that Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS encounters is handled quickly, with the affected tool paths identified so the user can simply regenerate them. Configurations are also handled with ease, and copying tool paths from one configuration to another is just a click away.

Mastercam Milling

Mastercam gives your shop the best possible foundation for fast and efficient milling. From general purpose methods such as optimized pocketing to highly specialized toolpaths like 5-axis turbine cutting, Mastercam ensures that you’re ready for any job.

Mastercam Turning

Mastercam gives your shop the best possible foundation for fast and efficient turning. From general purpose methods such as easy ID / OD cutting to highly specialized toolpaths like variable depth roughing for ceramic inserts, Mastercam ensures that you’re ready for any job.

Mastercam Mill-Turn

Mastercam gives your shop the best possible foundation for fast and efficient multi-tasking. It streamlines the programming process of complex machines with intelligent job setups that are keyed to the exact machine in your shop. Mastercam ensures that you’re ready for any job.

Mastercam Swiss Expert

Mastercam Swiss Expert is specialized CAD/CAM for precision programming. The software is designed to control a variety of Swiss-style NC machines, and is popular with watch-making, medical device, dental, automotive, and electronics companies—all known for the requirement of extremely small but very precise parts.

Mastercam Swiss Expert is developed in the region of Switzerland where Swiss-style machines were invented and is known for supporting an unlimited number of axes and channels, and for realistic simulation of the entire machine and its tools. Mastercam Swiss Expert reduces startup time significantly, is ideal for optimizing cycle times, and supports all types of tooling.

Mastercam Wire

Mastercam’s suite of 2-axis and 4-axis wirepaths lets you choose the best method for the results you need. With Mastercam, you have complete control over the wire motion, angle, entries and exits, and much more. And you get that control in a clear, easy to understand way.

Mastercam’s full associativity gives you the power to capture your work and build on your experience. Once you program a part – any part – you can modify any element of the job and immediately get updated wirepaths without starting over. Mastercam’s intelligent NC programming lets you build a library of machining strategies done the way you want them. Just choose the saved operations, apply them to a part, and Mastercam adapts them to the new model. Fast, easy, and productive. The way programming should be.

Mastercam Multiaxis

Multiaxis machining can dramatically increase a shop’s competitiveness, and Mastercam’s multiaxis add-on offers a wide range of multiaxis machining strategies—both basic and advanced. With Mastercam, you have complete control over the three crucial elements of multiaxis machining: toolpath types, tool motion, and tool axis.

Streamlined multiaxis programming tools make projects easier than ever before. With features from multisurface 5-axis roughing and swarf fanning, to easy 4-axis rotary axis and roll die programming, Mastercam ensures accurate cuts and fast turnaround on even the toughest jobs.

Mastercam Blade Expert

One of the most complex 5-axis challenges is generating toolpaths for impellers, fans, and marine screws. These types of multi-bladed parts are used in many industries including power generation, energy transfer, and propulsion. Machining these complex shapes usually requires special multiaxis equipment, but Mastercam’s Blade Expert is specifically designed to generate the necessary toolpaths for many of the different multi-blade configurations.

Blade Expert is a very powerful and easy-to-use custom application, designed to generate efficient, smooth, and gouge free toolpaths for these complex parts. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, which results in a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality.

Mastercam Lathe

Efficient turning means more than just programming a toolpath. Mastercam Lathe gives you a set of tools that impact your entire process. From the streamlined CAD engine and solid model machining, to powerful roughing and finishing, Mastercam Lathe gives you a variety of techniques to turn all of your parts exactly as you need them.

Mastercam Lathe delivers a set of C-axis programming tools, with greatly expanded options when combined with Mastercam Mill, such as face contour and drilling, and cross contour and drilling. Dependable toolpath verification gives you the confidence to run the most complex toolpaths on your machine, and Machine and Control Definition delivers a new way to make sure your parts are done right the first time.

Mastercam Router

Mastercam Router delivers fast, easy, industry-proven NC programming that lets you make the most of your machines. The Router suite of CAD/CAM tools is focused on delivering speed and efficiency to your shop.

Since routing covers a huge range of disciplines—basic and complex 2D cutting to single-surface and advanced 3D routing—Mastercam Router offers an equally wide range of tools to make sure you can get your job done right. Mastercam also offers streamlined multiaxis cutting.

Ease of use, automation tools, live stock model, intelligent toolpaths, tabs, nesting and engraving, the ability to save your favorite cutting techniques, and much more all combine to deliver a fast, easy package that delivers the right tool exactly when you need it.

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