Design Competition 2014

26 Aug 2014

About the Competition

WHY Sustainable Product?

With the complexities of today’s products, technology, and global environment, companies are under increased pressure – from governments, retailers and competitors towards having cleaner production and creating eco-efficient new products.

The growing attention on Global Warming exerts further pressure on companies to take additional initiatives not only internally through product life cycle innovation, but externally through consumer awareness activities, for example, recycling campaign.

Natural resources become scarce. Thus any product that reduces company’s ecological footprint and have healthy impact to the environment will be welcomed by the market. It is a huge step for companies now to lay a foundation which move lifecycle thinking and approaches to another level.

A Competition to Empower Creativity and Innovation

Product Lifecycle Challenge hosted by IME Group of Companies, is a unique design competition call on all institutions and professional engineers from the industries.

The principal objective of this competition is to cultivate innovative design talents, at the same time highlighting the efforts and initiative of students and professional engineers in promoting the concept of eco-sustainable product. It also a platform to showcase exemplary green products of future engineers.

Participants will utilise one of the stipulated 3D design platforms to design and detail their desired product. However, it is important for participants to demonstrate the sustainability elements of the 3D design platform used when designing the product.

Teaching Professional Design

Participants will compete based on the theme
“Product Lifecycle Challenge
Designing a SUSTAINABLE Future.

Participants are free to design any product they can imagine that features an improved lifestyle, of which the cost of the product should not exceed RM100 in value.

As the theme suggests, it is imperative for participants to prove that their end product is environmental friendly. This can be fulfilled by creating an entirely new innovative product.

To demonstrate the professional design process, participants must include preliminary material selection with optimized material usage.

Design Theme & Objectives

Design Theme

PRODUCT Lifecycle Challenge
Designing a Sustainable Future


  1. To discover design talents and unleash their creativity in product design and innovation
  2. To demonstrate the capabilities of the 3D CAD tools and its importance used for product innovation
  3. To emphasize the importance of designing for sustainability from the beginning of a design lifecycle.

Design Requirements

  1. The end product should be environmental friendly, cost effective and social friendly
  2. Total production cost must be within RM100.00
  3. Must include proof of concept
  4. Using SolidWorks or CATIA tool
  5. The product design must take consideration of manufacturability
  6. Shall include preliminary material selection and with optimized material usage

Modeling Requirements

  1. Must be designed in 3D.
  2. Must be designed using SolidWorks or CATIA software.
  3. Must be designed from scratch using SolidWorks or CATIA. Use of imported geometry is not allowed except for standard or purchased parts.

Competition Timeline

Registration deadline: 30th September 2014

Design submission deadline: 6th November 2014

Notification/shortlist of semi-finalist: November 2014

Semi-final: November 2014

Final presentation and award ceremony: December 2014

Terms & Conditions

  1. Entry submission must be submitted by individual or maximum of THREE (3) persons per group.
  2. Each company may select the Best FIVE (5) entries to participate in this competition.
  3. Complete SolidWorks or CATIA database is required to be submitted. Incomplete database will result in penalty.
  4. Entries will be judged by panel of judges, comprising of the representatives from IME Technology Sdn Bhd, relevant association.
  5. The participating company shall approve the use of images created from parts and assemblies provided by the engineer participant for use in marketing materials to be produced by the organizer and its assigns. Engineer participant grants the organizer and its affiliates, and assigns, the right to use, reproduce, or incorporate in any manner whatsoever all or any portion of the aforementioned images. The engineer participant represents and warrants that the materials are owned by the engineer participant free and clear of any liens or claims of any third-party, that the engineer participant has a legal right to grant the permission herein given, and the engineer participant will indemnify and hold harmless the organizer, its affiliates, assigns, agents, and employees, against liability should any third-party claim that the use of the materials by the organizer and its affiliates, assigns, agents, and employees, violates any right of such third party to the materials.
  6. The participating company shall hereby grant the organizer permission to cite this company on a general client list for possible distribution to the press, analysts, prospects, and other customers.
  7. The organizer shall not be held liable and responsible for any damages or claims for any damages or loss of documents or products before or after the competition.
  8. All participants are encouraged to register their designs under the relevant industrial design and intellectual property laws in force in Malaysia and to keep all documentations as proof of ownership before sending and displaying their designs to the organizer.
  9. The organizer shall inform the participants if their submissions are selected for further development.
  10. The organizer and/or panel of judges reserve the rights to alter competition terms and conditions which deemed necessary, in the best interest of this competition.

Judging Criteria

Creative & innovative design

Ability to proof of concept in 3D

Ability to apply systematic design methodologies, marketing plan and business plan

  • FIRST round judging – Based on the above criteria, 10 groups will be shortlisted for the final.
  • FINAL round judging – The whole process will be re-evaluate base on the above judging criteria + 10% score on stage presentation.

To evaluate the ability of a creative and innovative design:-


  • The only one of its kind
  • Different with existing characteristics
  • Reconfigure the value to enhance uniqueness.


  • Useful or general purpose
  • Concern with experience or actual use


  • Value for money
  • Value for time


Submission Requirements

  1. 3D SolidWorks or CATIA Model (The model must be 100% created from SolidWorks or CATIA).
  2. 2D Drawing for main assembly with basic dimension, BOM, section view, exploded view with critical portion.
    a) Design & Idea development report that includes :
    b) The study & research (market research, background study and etc).
    c) Design Methodology.
    d) Proof of concept (can include image or animation).
    e) Design advantages highlight.
  3. You must include your SolidWorks or CATIA product serial number to create the design & modeling.
  4. High resolution images : Images must at least 300 DPI and approximately 86 x 64 mm (3.4 x 2.5 inches) in size, or greater; or the image must be large enough so that the density will be print quality when the image is reduced to these dimensions. The preferred formats are JPEG and TIFF with preferred image dimensions of approximately 1800 x 1200 pixels, or greater.

Submission Methods & Format

SolidWorks / CATIA Design Data

Use pack and go to store SolidWorks / CATIA parts, assembly drawing files, image for photo-rendering and simulation.

Photo Rendering

To store rendered image.


To store e-drawing file.


To store avi file.

Design & Ideas Development Report

To store document in Microsoft Word format.

SolidWorks / CATIA Serial Number

To store print screen image of SolidWorks / CATIA Serial number.

All items specified in submission requirements must be made in CD/DVD and sent to :

IME Group of Companies
Attn: Technical Committee of Product Lifecycle Challenge 2014
30, Jalan PJS 1/46, 46000 Taman Petaling Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


Educational sector: Open to all Undergraduates and Postgraduates engineering students enrolled in a Malaysian University

1) Download Form
2) Fill up with full details
3) Submission

* Kindly submit your registration before 30-September-2014

* Design submission deadline is on 6-November-2014

Video Tutorial

Are you facing any design challenges for IME Design Competition 2014? Whether you’re a new or existing user, our video tutorials are here to help you get the most out of your design experience. 

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