Production planning shuyan February 11, 2022

Production Planning

With shorter product lifecycles, fluctuating demand, and multi customer segmentation, intelligent decision support for production planning has never been more critical. Balancing demand with the appropriate material, capacity, and due-date limitations may efficiently synchronise the operations of production control, manufacturing, and procurement planning, allowing you to outmanoeuvre the competition and fulfil consumers at the lowest possible cost.

Manufacturing solution

MAPS is a low-cost manufacturing shop floor management software designed to assist businesses, particularly those in high-mix, low-volume sectors, to better manage their production shop floor. It is designed for the high-mix industry that operates at a fast pace manner. It is a dynamic tool with the ability to handle rapid changes on the production floor and respond quickly to manage manufacturing orders, material shortage reworks, or machine breakdowns.

MAPS is made up of several functional modules that allow SMIs to conduct sales operations, purchasing and inventory control, production planning, scheduling, and tracking. MAPS is a visual management tool with an interactive graphical interface that enables the manufacturer to manage daily production operations such as job planning, scheduling, and tracking. The planner has a better understanding of the task sequence, machine usage, work-in-progress (WIP), and even outsourced jobs that are taking place on the production floor.

MAPS was created to assist our SMI in increasing their capability and ability to enhance work efficiency and be more equipped for the era of Digital Malaysia.

Technology employed

The MAPS software is developed with state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET technology. Scripting with C#, VBA, Python, WPF, and Silverlight. The software is a database-driven client/server application running on IMES proprietary architecture framework. The platform is fully object-oriented (OOAD) and built with an application programming interface (API) for flexibility to develop integration modules with external software.

Product data management

Are you searching for a solution to store all the information related to a specific product in a more organized, retrievable, and secure manner? Are you just one of many peoples within a company who has to work with products regularly? If that is the case, then PDM would make your life a lot easier.

PDM systems control product-related information including design geometry, engineering drawings, project plans, part files, assembly diagrams, product specifications, numerical control machine tool programs, product correspondence, bills of material, and many others. As integration tools connecting many different areas, PDM manages product data throughout the enterprise, ensuring that the right information is available for the right person at the right times and in the right form.

Benefits of PDM

Improved design workflows

Experience direct CAD integration, fast data searching, easy file replacement and reuse, and safe simultaneous access to data.

Improve value chain orchestration

Get automated engineering change orders, revision control, BOM management, and more. Keep your engineering processes under control with PDM software.

Facilitate collaboration

Share 2D or 3D views of your work with others to see the same data in real-time encourages innovation and fosters a collaborative environment, ultimately reducing time to market and improving product quality.

ICT Solutions

We provide general ICT consultancy, solutions, support, training, and services to our customers. We have a dedicated in-house IT Support Team to serve our customers for all IT-related matters.

Some of our services include:
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Computer Systems, Networking & Security

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e-Commerce, e-Survey

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Website & Portal Development

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Internet Search Engine Optimization

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Software Development & Customization