• 30 April 2015

    Inside Sales Representative cum Marketing Co-ordinator

    30 Apr 2015

    We are looking for a talented and competitive Inside Sales cum Marketing Coordinator that thrives in a competitive sales environment.  Successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives. You must be comfortable making dozens of calls per day, generating interest, qualifying prospects and co-ordinating marketing events.

    For this position, you must be an exceptional listener with excellent time management, verbal communication and presentation skills. You must be self-motivated and competitive, but also a team player. Good problem-solving skills and a high level of integrity are also essential.

    Job Responsibilities

    Provide support to the Team in the on-going development of existing and prospective customers to ensure that the department is able to meet its growth targets:

    • Source new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound cold calls and emails
    • Understand customer needs and requirements
    • Route qualified opportunities to the appropriate sales executives for further development and closure
    • Research accounts, identify key players and generate interest
    • Maintain and expand your database of prospects

    Skills and Qualifications

    Meeting Sales Goals, Prospecting Skills, Building Relationships, People Skills, Data Entry Skills, Customer Focus, Professionalism, Motivation for Sales:

    • Inside sales experience preferred or some level of customer service experience
    • BS/BA in Marketing/ Business Administration or equivalent
    • Working Knowledge of Microsoft, Word Excel, PowerPoint
    • Positive attitude, exemplary attendance, and reliable team member
    • Strong phone presence and experience dialing dozens of calls per day
    • Proficient with corporate productivity and web presentation tools
    • Strong listening and presentation skills
    • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively

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    • 10 April 2015

      IMEDC2015 – Idea Generation Workshop

      10 Apr 2015

      IMEDC2015 brings you the Idea Generation Workshop@29th of April, the clinic session to help you in refining ideas.

      “Do you have a product design that will ease the lives of Malaysians during natural disasters or accidents?”

      If you have already entered IMEDC 2015, and have a vague idea of what you would like to propose as your entry, this session would be ideal for you.

      Led by Martin, Technical Specialist from Germany and industry partners, participants will be taken through various stages, from identifying market potential, to methodologies in developing feasible idea to tackle the challenge.

      • Date: 29th of April
      • Time: 10:00am (Registration starts at 9:30am, breakfast is served).
      • Venue: Dewan Kuliah A, School of Technology, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
      • What I need to bring: Your idea and your team!
      • Open to: Registered participants only. Limited to 3 teams per institute.

      Thank you for attending “Idea Generation Workshop” and we hope you brought back with you some useful information!

      Please refer to the link for Design Methologies of IMEDC 2015.

      For further enquiries do contact Norshahira (03-7783 6866) or email us at imedc2015@cadcam.com.my & norshahira@cadcam.com.my.


      IMEDC Technical Committee

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    • 6 April 2015

      4 key takeaways from The New Shape of Manufacturing Conference

      6 Apr 2015

      We were grateful for the overwhelming responses for this event. We had more than 150 C-level executives registered, however due to venue constraint we had to limit the participants to 100pax. Guess what? 87 c-levels out of 100 turn up during event day. With speakers line-ups from MIDA to technology providers from USA & France, we decided to share 4 key takeaways from this conference to those who’ve missed.


      #1 Manufacturers Need To Move Up The Value Chain

      Convergence of technology and mega trends will revolutionize the way we manufacture things. Malaysia manufacturers rely heavily on labors and we need to move up the value chain. – Datuk Phang, CEO, MIDA.

      Datuk Phang shared that relying mainly on hard labors is not sustainable, however, technology and automation can. He shared that the approved investments grew year-on-year for manufacturing sector from 52.1 billion in 2013 to 71.9 billion in 2014, an increase of 38%.

      The key to remain competitive across ASEAN region is to move up the value chain such as R&D and Product Design. From MIDA’s perspective, this means forming an ecosystem which transforms Malaysia into a high tech hub. To fuel such growth, MIDA is introducing new incentives such as:

      • Principal hub (effective 1st May)
      • Projects that invest in innovation, technology and involving the creation of high-income jobs.
      • 200% capital allowance on automation expenditure to encourage automation, especially for labor-intensive industries.

      Key Takeaway: Moving up the value chain in manufacturing requires us to embrace change. The change in technology and the change in core business activity. Download Datuk Phang’s slide here 


      #2 The Future of Mass Customization / Build On Demand

      Low volume production no longer equals to high cost with Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing. – Ryan Sybrant, Senior Manager of Stratasys USA

      Ryan Sybrant shared how Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing the way we manufacture things. Additive Manufacturing is not just a prototyping machine, it is capable of making useful tools throughout the whole manufacturing cycle. Concepts like digital inventory to build on demand was introduced. Imagine a solution which is capable of producing customized jigs & fixtures to hold parts for your assembly line, making molds for injection molding, or even fabricating end-use-parts on demand.

      It disrupts the manufacturing landscape by:

      • Eliminate the restrictions of subtractive manufacturing i.e. complex geometries.
      • Significantly disrupts the economic formulas associated with mass production.
      • Requires significantly fewer processing steps, less assembly, and minimizes waste.
      • Offers mass customization which allows design to be more adaptable.

      Key Takeaway: Additive Manufacturing is a full suite solution that provides significant cost savings & lead time reduction for manufacturers. Download Ryan’s slide here 


      #3 Improving Quality of Output

      When price is not an issue anymore, quality is. – Kajin Teoh, Technical Consultant, MAWEA Industries

      Kajin Teoh shared the days of buying on the cheapest item is changing. People are more willing to pay a higher price if quality is up to expectation. Kajin shared few challenges of manufacturing landscape today:

      • Complexity in configuration management – one can control almost every parameter in a system / machine.
      • Small batch runs or unique end items in production.

      The issue lies in despite such schedule, how can manufacturers ensure the quality is maintained throughout the whole cycle? The key answer lies in a scalable Operation Intelligence system which is capable of:

      • Strategic data collection
      • Data analysis tools for “Big data”
      • Discovery logic-based pattern of process rules from history data

      Key Takeaway: Instead of relying on gut feel to make decision, manufacturers can rely on a scalable OI to find out potential improvements with real time data. Download Kajin’s slide here 


      #4 Maximize Production Efficiency

      Tracking what is being produced and what is coming up next is extremely crucial in Malaysia’s high mix manufacturing industry. – Jeff Lim, Senior Manager, IMES

      Planning and scheduling is extremely crucial in managing production, especially for SMEs. Whilst manufacturing is reliant on sales to determine production however the management for production floor is entirely different from typical processes. One single mismanagement can make or break a deal.

      This highlights the need to:

      • Solution for dynamic issues.
      • Understanding production progress and visibility.
      • Job update and tracking process.
      • Automating the report mechanism.
      • Centralizing information into database.

      Adopting such solution will provide visibility throughout the whole production system, more importantly, it equips one with the flexibility and competitive advantage – simply by understanding internal manufacturing progress.

      Key Takeaway: Manufacturers will need to find effective ways in managing production schedule to tackle dynamic changes in market. Download Jeff’s slide here 

      In summary, these 4 key takeaways are built upon the foundation of moving up the value chain and how technology can help in doing so. If you’re interested in getting the presentation slides, visit this link for download.


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