• 21 October 2019

    Notice: IME PJ Phone Service Distruption

    21 Oct 2019
    Amnani Adnan

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We are experiencing a downtime of our telephone lines in Klang Valley area due to issues with TM lines. To reach us, you may contact the alternative numbers below:

    Sales & Marketing: +6019-3855478, marketing@cadcam.com.my
    Technical Support: +6019-2692054, swsupport@cadcam.com.my
    Finance: +6019-2623645, accounts@cadcam.com.my
    PM us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/imesolidworksmalaysia/

    The disruption is expected to last until this weekend while the restoration work is being carried out. Thank you for your understanding.

    IME Corporate Communications

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  • 14 October 2019


    14 Oct 2019
    Amnani Adnan

    KUALA LUMPUR, October 3 – IME SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2020 was held at Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), which was organised by IME Group of Companies in collaboration with Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM) as Strategic Partner, with the key objective of promoting and driving design and innovation of Malaysian products in the new digital space.

    IME SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day (IMESWID) is a platform to gather industry’s thought leaders namely government, industry players, engineers and academia to share on the key trends and spearheads design and innovation. The event also aims to explore innovation and technology creativity with the participants and embark on the digital transformation journey together. It is an annual event organised by IME throughout Malaysia, touring to multiple states including Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Melaka and Sarawak.

    Back to its root, IMESWID is also the most prominent event to introduce new capabilities. SOLIDWORKS 2020 helps to get business and engineers going from design to manufacture faster and also reduce costs, meet customer demand as well as optimise designs. This is a big event of SOLIDWORKS that is taking place in October every year, held in every corner of the world. SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2020 with the participation of SOLIDWORKS experts in domestic or foreign country will bring various of new enhancements to users.

    Digital continuity is the theme of the event this year, putting emphasis on the importance of extracting, analysing and connecting data throughout design and manufacturing cycle: from machines in manufacturing and throughout the enterprise both horizontally and vertically. Digital Continuity in multi-discipline is essential in modern day manufacturing for complete visibility in manufacturing efficiency.  Software and applications play a major role in enabling this to provide connectivity in the entire design to manufacturing process for instance, design optimisation, real-time manufacture feedback and analytics, virtual factory, assembly simulation, collaborative engineering platform among many others.

    In the technology showcase featured at the event, a comprehensive data-driven design and manufacturing ecosystem that has shown seamless digital continuity in the production floor by integrating different systems at multiple stages product development.

    Other than that, real-life applications provided audience a clear picture of digital continuity from the design environment to the manufacturing shop floor.

    Product Design & Development

    Virtual Reality (VR)

    Additive Manufacturing – Metal 3D Printing

    Virtual Factory

    Industrial Automation

    Quality Inspection

    Reverse Engineering

    Data analytics and dashboards

    By leveraging on the right solution, business owner can easily automate data collection and turn them into meaningful insights that accelerates decision-making process, making it effective, purposeful and on-point. Visibility and accessibility to every system including machines, people, resources help to stay in control and to identify pain-points easily thus closing loopholes, maximising resources utilisation, increasing operational efficiencies, and of course, lower operational cost.

    Nearly 600 participants from various organisations attended the event that seeks to assist them in understanding and learning ways to incorporate the key elements of Industry 4.0 into businesses.

    The event also endorses home-grown companies and local products that are locally designed and manufactured. The synergy between IME and MRM strongly advocates Buatan Malaysia embodying world-design capabilities that we are always unquestionably proud of. Innovative products can be designed and manufactured given the design freedom comes with the integration of emerging technologies.

    Thinking that Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and factory modernisation are only for large multinational companies is a general misconception. For positive impact on the entire supply chain, large and small medium enterprises alike, are to be aligned in their transformation to reflect a seamless and continuity in the effectiveness of operations. 2nd tier & 3rd tier vendors or manufacturers are not to adopt a wait-and-see mindset if we want to remain relevant.

    According to Mr. Teoh Tuan Ka, Chairman and Founder of IME Group of Companies, the synergy between all parallels namely the government, industry players and academia is crucial to spearhead Industry 4.0 adoption in Malaysia. “Synergy bridges the interconnection and fill the gap in collaboration to ensure seamless knowledge sharing and effective skills transfer, and that makes the team stronger at times of a transformational change. SMEs and local businesses have to be at the forefront of digital transformation to gain competitive advantage and stay attractive for global investors at worldwide scale,” added Mr. Teoh.

    At the event,  it also addressed how local companies can leverage on Digital Transformation Lab Partners in digital transformation journey with an insightful session on Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme (DTAP) that is part the initiative of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) that aims to help these companies to adopt Industry 4.0 and thereby increases productivity, reduces foreign labours and exploit new opportunities in the digital space. The programme involves pilot of implementation plan and scale up of not more than 5 years. Mawea Industries, a member of IME Group of Companies was appointed as one of the DTLs to lend its expertise to the IR4.0 adopters. Through DTL, companies are able to set out a digital transformation journey of their own.

    Productivity and its improvement are both a political imperative and a business necessity. Hence, lifting productivity can be an imperative role played by public sector as well as private sector. This approach should be adopted by the local industry, government, and academia to boost productivity to greater heights.

    Download the key takeaways from the event below:

    #1 SOLIDWORKS 2020 What’s New

    <Click here to download slides>

    #2 Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme (DTAP): Futureproof your business

    <Click here to download slides>

    #3 Virtual Commissioning & Virtual Reality using Emulate3D & SOLIDWORKS

    <Click here to download slides>


    About IME Group of Companies

    IME (Group of companies) is a local business established since 1980, that aspires to play a role in the growth of the local industry, by providing a platform for the industry and educational sector to collaborate, share, and close the knowledge and skill gap. Founded as a CNC service and repair centre, IME has now grown into the leading product design and manufacturing solution provider in Malaysia, with a vast clientele from local and multi-national corporations, government sectors and academia; IME has established strong presence locally and expanded business coverage to ASEAN.

    Apart from being recently appointed as the DTL by MDEC, IME is also The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Industry 4.0 Committee Member, and The Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee Member for National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM).

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