IME Newsletter | Edition | February 2018
SOLIDWORKS World 2018 MITI Malaysia Digital Economy Forum IME Engineering & Technology Day
Product Data Management (PDM) Design-to-MAnusfacturing Ecosystem
Design & Engineering Prototyping Manufacturing Eneterprise Solutions
    Rediscover Materials in
  the Nature's Way

  A viable way to solve
  man-made sustainability
  issues that are
  threatening our planet.
Stretch and Flex

Electronic that bend and change shape are expanding the reach of technology.
    Fast, Reliable and
  Accurate Prototyping


  Discover the ability of
  AM's ability to make
  design changes on the
    Addictive Manufacturing's
  Need for Speed

  It's time for aerospace
  industry to step up the
  game in trading printing

 A Home on Mars

 3D printing helps in
 challenges to establish a
 habitable base on Mars.
    Big Data, Small Returns

  Data is the root of future
  digitalised agriculture.
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