IME Newsletter | Edition | March 2018
SOLIDWORKS World 2018 MITI Malaysia Digital Economy Forum Belt & Road 2.0
Showcase on Innovation for Productivity (SHIP 2018) STEM Playground
Design & Engineering Manufacturing Enterprise Solution
    Advanced Optimisation
  Tools that Make
  Innovation Possible

  Optimisation tools drive
  continuous improvements
  that allow us to make
  product cheaper, faster,
  lighter and stronger.
A.I Will Become Our
New Inventor

We know how to
engineer automation,
but can we automate engineering?
    3D Printing Races to the
  2018 Winter Olympics

  Additive manufacturing
  drastically cut the design
  cycle and make possible
  of custom sleds tailored
  to each athlete's body.

Unlimited Tomorrow
Advances Prosthetics
with 3D Printing

Advanced prosthetic
technology enables the
future of medical devices
to be more life-like than
ever before.
    Why Distributed Data
  Management is Important?

  Benefits of managing,
  mining and using data are
  not limited to department
  or application-level, but
  enterprise wide.
Visionary Companies Leverage Operational Data & Virtual Models in
"Digital Twins"

Real-time data collection
and analysis via the
Internet of Things (IoT)
drive intelligent 3D
simulation to new levels.
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