IME Newsletter | Edition | April 2018
STEM Playground Showcase on Innovation for Productivity (SHIP) 2018 3D Design for Beginner
Sarawak's Industrial Fiesta METALTECH
Product Development
Design & Engineering Manufacturing Enterprise Solution
    In Four Ways Simulation
  is Improving Product

  Testing is no longer the
  last phase of development
  & design, it's a living,
  breathing part of the
  design process.
Taking out the Trash:
How One Nonprofit Aims
to Clean up Our Oceans

Natural wave motion &
a clean-up system make
clean ocean possible
Engineering is the Key to
the Future of Deep Sea

Technology helps us to
learn more about deep
sea than ever before.
   Technology Makes
 Manufacturing Work

 Successful manufacturers'
 competitive edge is not
 actual manufacturing,
 but manufacturing
 3D-Printed Limbs for
 Function, Self-Expression
 & Augmentation

 When we reframe
 prosthetics as extensions,
 we shift the focus from
 'fixing' disability to
 extending ability.

   Data-Centric Design:
 The Next Step in the
 Evolution of the IoT

 IoT is flourishing under
 the twin blossoms of the
 computer age: digitisation
 & networking.
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