IME Newsletter | Edition | May 2018
Asia IoT Business Platform 2018 Sarawak Industrial Fiesta 2018 SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Workshop (JB)
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Workshop (JB) METALTECH (23 - 26 May'18)
Product Development
Design & Engineering Manufcaturing Enterprise Solutions
    Advanced Robotics:
  Changing Industries

  Artificial intelligence is
  expanding fast, disrupting
  all industries.
Generative Design:
Reimagine Complex
Part Designs

Generative design
optimises stiff and
lightweights parts in a
fraction of time.
  Self-Sailing Ships: The
New Way to Travel the
Seven Seas

The era of self-sailing
ships is approaching at
a rate of knots.
 Five Technological
 Applications Impacting
 Manufacturing Innovation

 Technology advancement
 is driving innovation and
 setting new benchmark in
 manufacturing industry.
 Smart Manufacturing
 through a Lean
 Transformation Process

 Smart manufacturing
 can be broken down
 into bytes constructing
 into a long-term strategy.

   Finding New Ways to
 Leverage Data Throughout
 the Enterprise

 How to share data
 throughout the enterprise
 and outside partners,
 yet also simultaneously
 safeguard this valuable
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