IME Newsletter | Edition | May 2018
Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Industy 4.0 Business Process Management: Precision Guided Success SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Workshop (JB)
IQTecX | Transformation in Manufacturing: Industry 4.0 METALTECH 2018
Product Development
    The Next Aviation
  Distruption theme

  A market for urbank air
  effectively airborne
  versions of Uber are
  probably closer than
  most people realise.
3D Printing - What
Comes Next?

3D printing is here to
stay - and there's no
sitting around waiting
for the resin to dry.
  Wearables for the
  Augmented Workforce

  An exoskeleton device
  can help assembly
  workers to lift their arms
  about their heads more
   Plugging Manufacturing
 into the Data Pool

 Here's where to start when
 creating a connected
 manufacturing experience.
 Top 10 Prorities for
 Operation Managers

 Operations managers in
 the manufacturing supply
 chain requires a sharp
 mind that knows what
 exactly to focus on.

   Mobility Meets Blockchain;
 Data Privacy, Supply Chain
 Loom Large

 Block chain technology
 has created this network
 effect with the MOBI in
 the mobility market.
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