IME Newsletter | Edition | August 2018
SMEX 2018 Operatioanl Excellence via Smart Manufacturing, Techne@PSDC 2018 Johor Impact Challenge
How to 3D Pront A World Cup SOLIDWORKS Intervasity Skills Competition 2018
Product Development
Design & Engineering Manufacturing Enterprise Solution
    The Evolution of Tennis:
  How Technology is
  Advancing the Game

  Modern technology is
  shaping the future of
  tennis. More control.
  Greater accuracy.
  Faster learning.
AR Gets Real in Design

AR can shorten design
cycles by allowing
engineers to iterate and
evaluate designs within
the context of a real-life
    Volkswagen Credits 3D
  Printing for Record
  Breaking Electric Car

 Given only 8 months to
  produce car for the
  renowned “Race to the
  Clouds”, 3D printing has
  saved Volkswagen a lot
  of time.
 Six Essential Tools for
 Working with Additive

 Users can easily detect
 upfront potentially
 problematic areas for a
 3D printing process and
 lower iteration cycle.
   Big Data Analytics Finds a
 Home in the Engineering

 IoT solutions have to be
 infused with machine
 learning, AI, and
 automation capabilities
 to interpret IoT data.

Data Science: Making
Sense of Digital

The applications of data
 science to digital
 manufacturing are
 limitless and it will power
 today’s industrial
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