IME Newsletter | Edition | September 2018
SMEX 2018 UMW/ UM CRI4.0 Transformation in Manufacturing IME SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019
Logisware Malaysia 2018 FMM Industry 4.0 Conference 2018: Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation
Product Development
Design & Engineering Manufacturing Enterperise Solutions
    Electric-Motor Design for
  Automobiles Kicks into

  Design and simulation
  tools improves the new
  motor topology that
  enables power-dense,
  smaller-sized, high-
  efficiency electric motors.
Addressing Challenges in
Product Development

Modern design requires
high levels of collaboration
and consensus while still
demanding deep
technical expertise.
    Bugatti Divo Unveiled
  with Form-Following
  3D Printed Fin Tail Lights

  The supercar
  demonstrates the
  capabilities of additive
  manufacturing for
  automotive light-
  weighting design.
 U.S. Marines 3D Print
 F-35 Part to Save $70,000

 The U.S. Air Force has
 been using 3D printing
 as a cost and time efficient
 method to manufacture
 aircraft parts and
    How the Industrial
  Internet of Things (IIoT)
  Can Transform Industries

  With the emergence of
  big data, analytics and
  predictive maintenance,
  some industries might
  start to see IIoT as a

Why is Optimization
Important for Supply
Chain Planning?

Supply chain planning is
 full of decisions that
 require a kind of
 ‘judgment’ to compare
 alternatives and find the
 best solution.
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