Reverse engineering/ 3D scanning shuyan February 11, 2022

Reverse engineering (3D scanning)

Reverse engineering is taking existing physical components and assemblies and developing CAD models and precise drawings. The requirement often arises when an organization wishes to enhance an existing outside design, has insufficient design documentation (CAD and drawings) for internal designs, or need CAD data for current production procedures.

What can you do with a 3D model created by reverse engineering services?

Due to the high quality models created during the reverse engineering process, the models are extremely adaptable. Among the numerous possibilities:

Artboard 130

Machining and Moulding

Artboard 131

3D printing

Artboard 132

Design Modifications

Artboard 133

Patent drawings

Artboard 134

Exploded 3D visualisations and animations

Artboard 135

Drawings can be sent overseas for manufacturing instead of the part

We provide reverse engineering services from measuring, scanning and inspection to CAD
re-modeling, with the following tools:

Affordable, precise, and portable for rapid, in-process inspection

Automated Inspection & Reporting

Everything you need to efficiently perform common, manufacturing inspection tasks using high-quality, portable CMM hardware – seamlessly integrated with Verisurf’s industry-leading Inspection Suite.

Reduce scrap, improve quality, and increase productivity with Master3DGage. The portable CMM features advanced manufacturing materials and technology, including low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) carbon fiber arm components, hot-swappable probes with automatic probe recognition, and the lightweight, wireless, battery enabled design it ideal for use in the quality room, on the shop floor, or in the field.  The optional non-contact laser scanner is interchangeable with tactile probes, further expanding application flexibility.

On machine inspection and reporting can now be done in-process, right in the CNC machining center while the part is still clamped in place.  Master3DGage is an accurate, portable CMM.

KREON - Portable Coordinate Measure Machine

Easy To Inspect And Reverse Engineer Complex Shape

Kreon – 3D Laser Scanner.
KREON 3D laser scanners work by triangulation of each sampled point of the laser line on the part between the laser source (red dot) and the camera (blue disk) of the scanner.
Laser Coordinate System.
In the coordinate system of the scanner, the laser plane (red surface) is always at the same location, as for the field of view (green trapezoid) of the sensor. Since we know, for each point of the laser plane in the field of view, their 3D location in the coordinate system of the scanner, we can compute the coordinates of each point lit by the laser line on the surface of the scanned part.
To Real World Coordinates.
Then, by knowing how the 3D laser scanner is mounted on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) such as a measurement arm or a three-axis machine, we can determine the real-world coordinates of those points hit by the laser line.