About Us

About Us

IME Group of Companies is the leading and most established CAD, CAM and CAE solutions provider in Malaysia 1980. IME offers extensive range of design to engineering solutions fixated around digital transformation namely Additive Manufacturing, Robots, Simulation, IoT, Big Data Analytics and System Integration in the manufacturing space.

With over 40 years of experience, IME has developed robust engineering capabilities in providing value-added services to customers across verticals:

  • Industry 4.0 Readiness & Operation Maturity Assessment
  • Pilots & Full Roll-out System Deployment
  • System Integration & Implementation
  • Automation & Engineering Services
  • Training & Enablement Services

IME is member of Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Industry 4.0 Committee, Project Committee on Industry 4.0 of SIRIM Standards developed by SIRIM Berhad, and Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee in National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM). Through many channels, they have spoken to more than 9000 business leaders about Industry 4.0 and completed multiple successful implementations.

IME has been actively present in educational sector, using their expertise in facilitating academic program development, aiming to cultivate graduates who are conversant and Industry 4.0 ready.

At IME, we believe in RESPECT, LISTEN & CARE.

RESPECT our customers, employees, suppliers, friends and family.

LISTEN to customers’ needs, employees’ voices and more importantly, listen with patience.

CARE about customers’ concerns, employees’ future, our surroundings and society welfare.

We believe that these 3 elements work closely together to drive work performance, it makes one a better listener, a team player and even more, a better leader. We are the firm believers of life-long learning where courses and trainings were provided to make one realizing their full potential. More importantly, we are IMEzens – a part of IME family where we celebrate diversities and different talents.
Core Values


Be the best in class design and manufacturing solution provider.


Provide innovative design and manufacturing solution and services to ensure our industries and education institution fulfill their design and manufacturing needs faster, better and in a cost effective manner.

Continuous Support To Market Needs & Professional Training


Consultancy & Services RE & RP


Distribute CAD/CAM/CAE Technology


Machine Tools & CNC Service & Repair Centre



Commercial Recognition

  • Digital and Technology Business Excellence Award, Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards


Commercial Recognition

  • Outstanding Educational Institutions: Professional Training Centers, Sin Chew Education Awards
  • Top Reseller Highest Customer Satisfaction AP South, SOLIDWORKS Corporation


Commercial Recognition

  • Digital and Technology Business Excellence Award, Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards


Commercial Recognition

  • Digital and Technology Business Excellence Award, Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards


Commercial Recognition

  • Most Creative Innovation Day AP South, SOLIDWORKS Corporation
  • Most Innovative Presentation SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day AP South, SOLIDWORKS Corporation
  • Best Social & Teamwork AP South, SOLIDWORKS Corporation
  • SME100 Awards Fast Moving Companies


Commercial Recognition

  • Best Multi Product Marketer AP South, SolidWorks Corporation
  • Top Multi-Product Solution Growth AP South, SolidWorks Corporation
  • Top Reseller Highest Customer Satisfaction AP South, SolidWorks Corporation
  • Top Reseller Overall Performance AP South, SolidWorks Corporation
  • President’s Club Mauritius, SolidWorks Corporation
  • Sales Excellence Awards, Dassault Systemes


Commercial Recognition

  • Top Reseller Subscription Recapture AP South, SolidWorks Corporation
  • HP PPS Workstation Solution Specialists, Hewlet-Packard Malaysia


Commercial Recognition

  • 100% Club, SolidWorks Corporation


Commercial Recognition


Commercial Recognition

  • Best Revenue Performance, Dassault Systemes
  • Best Consultative Team, Dassault Systemes
  • SolidWorks Tips and Traits Challenges


Commercial Recognition

  • Elite Application Engineer,  SolidWorks Corporation
  • Top Education Value-Added Reseller (North & Southeast Asia, Middle East),  SolidWorks Corporation
  • Most Innovative Demo for SolidWorks Innovation Day 2008
  • Consistent Sales Achiever – 1st Half 2008, Dassault Systemes

Education Recognition

  • Alumni Bowing Tournament, German Malaysia Institution
  • International Conference on Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 2008, University Tun Hussein Onn


Commercial Recognition

  • Most Innovative Demo for SolidWorks Innovation Day 2007
  • Top Education Value-Added Reseller (South East & Middle East Region), SolidWorks Corporation


Commercial Recognition

  • Best Overall Sales Performance, Z-Corporation


Commercial Recognition

  • Qualify for President’s Club
  • FY2005 Appreciation Award, Hewlet-Packard Malaysia


Commercial Recognition

  • Best Overall Marketing, Z-Corporation
  • Best VAR Portal User in SE-ASIA, Sales Territory, SolidWorks Corporation
  • President’s Club Prague Czech Republic, SolidWorks Corporation

Education Recognition

  • Annual Seminar on ICT in Manufacturing, University Technology Malaysia
  • Compliments from RPTM


Commercial Recognition

  • Outstanding Performance for CADSTAR, Zuken Singapore
  • HP Workstations Excellence Awards, Hewlet-Packard Malaysia

Education Recognition

  • Best Complements, E-Week 2002, Multimedia University


Education Recognition

  • Cenderahati Persembahan Persian ITEX’95, University Technology Malaysia


Education Recognition

  • Appreciation from Engineering & Computer Expo, Kejuruteraan ASAS Kemajuan


Education Recognition

  • Cenderamata, Politeknik Ungku Omar Ipoh

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