Certifications shuyan February 10, 2022


We offer several certification program that provides a standard measure of PLM products knowledge and enables participation to access their skills against market norms.

The certification program also offers valuable feedback on training program by providing a quantitative before and after measurement of trainees’ acquired skills.

Get hired fast

If you're new to the industry, you'll be competing with a number of other candidates who similarly have little experience. This certification would be an excellent method to stand out in a pool of candidates if you don't have a fantastic portfolio.

A skill enhancing tool

By working with experts, you can get the information you need to adapt your company to benefit you. It will ensure you to have a clear and better understanding to be more skilful and competent within SOLIDWORKS environment.

Sense of recognition

Able to demonstrate and validate your competency and knowledge in SOLIDWORKS software by achieving SOLIDWORKS certifications.